Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No hay desayuno gratis

La realidad de la medicina estatal en el reino unido, el tipo de modelo "salud universal" que quieren imponernos aquí en Colombia:

"There is a view that all treatments should be available. Unfortunately, that's not possible,'' said Peter Littlejohns, NICE's clinical and public health director. ``There is a limited pot of money.''
He said the four cancer drugs provide a ``marginal benefit at quite often an extreme cost'' and that the agency had to keep in mind that funds spent on the medicines could be used elsewhere to help others at a greater value. ``Those are the hidden patients, the ones who benefit from the things the
NHS does spend money on,'' Littlejohns said. "

Que lastima que la Corte Constitucional no entienda que los costos no pueden ser ilimitados.