Monday, February 02, 2009

La mejor defensa de mercado...

que he leído hoy:

"A lot of global growth during the boom came in countries where the government owned or influenced the domestic banking sector and thus influenced the domestic allocation of credit. And policies that kept exchange rates lower than they otherwise would also indirectly encouraged private investment in those countries export sectors as well as discouraging investment in the export sectors of other countries. Governments were playing a significant role in the allocation of capital even before there was any talk of nationalizing the financial sector of key G-7 countries. Those who attribute the growth of the past several years solely to the market miss the large role the state played in many of the world’s fast growing economies. Conversely, those who attribute all the excesses of the past few years to the market miss the role that governments played in financing many of those excesses"

Bueno en realidad es una verdad que los propagandistas del estatismo no quieren reconocer: la crisis actual no se ha originado en un mercado libre sino en un mercado intervenido por el Estado o donde este ha actuado asignado recursos y tomando decisiones económicas.